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Mail, Fax or E-Mail: Which Is Best For Sending a Press Release?

In the July 2006 issue of "PR Tip of the Month," I discussed that I usually e-mail press releases and pitches to the media. I recently encountered a situation where I was reminded of the following rule: Before sending information to a news person, find out how he or she likes to receive it.

Journalists Have Their Preferences

While e-mail is most popular, some still prefer faxes or the US mail. For example, most of the writers and editors at a local newspaper I frequently send press releases to prefer e-mail; however, one of its calendar editors prefers receiving event information through standard mail.

How to Find Out What to Do

Some newspapers contain information about how to submit items, particularly for entertainment calendars, business briefs and community announcements.

A good source is media web sites. Many contain contact information. Some provide information about how to submit news. Others list the e-mail addresses and beats of all their reporters. Some community and small newspapers provide for submitting press releases through their web sites.

If you can't tell from the web site what to do, and phone numbers are provided for the newsroom or news staff, call and ask how to submit press releases.