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Holiday Season Provides Publicity Opportunities

Slower News Days Make Journalists More Open to Pitches

The weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year provide an opportunity for the creative publicity seeker. As it gets closer to Christmas, traditional institutions that normally fill the local print and broadcast news holes don't generate as much activity. For example, schools close, local government bodies take holiday breaks, and certain industries slow down. Slow news days become more likely.

Advertising Makes the Print News Hole Bigger

This is also the time of year when newspapers have more advertising, so have more pages to fill. When the amount of ad inches increases, so does the amount of space for news. Newspapers, which have been cutting newsroom staffs in recent years, are challenged to fill the additional space during a traditionally slow news season. The week between Christmas and the New Year can be particularly challenging. It tends to be the slowest news period of the year.

Rules of Newsworthiness Still Apply

Although journalists may be more open to your pitches and news releases than usual this time of year, the standards of news still apply -- timeliness, compelling, unusual, innovative, of interest to lots of people, has community impact. Pitching a story idea that ties-in to the holiday season is a good strategy. For more ideas on how to be newsworthy, visit the tip sheet page on Cuclis PR's web site,