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Spotting a Trend Can Get You Publicity

Journalists pay attention to trends. By their definition, trends are the start of something new. During the holiday season, for example, you'll likely see news stories about trends in consumer behavior, gift giving and merchandising. At the beginning of the year, you'll likely see stories forecasting trends in business and the economy.

Trends happen throughout the year and can occur in any segment of our society. Public relations specialists watch for trends that impact their organizations.

If You're Part of a Trend or Impacted By One, Tell Your Local Media

Yours could be the business or group that provides your area's newspaper with the local angle on a national trend. Or, there could be a trend unique to your community, about which your local news media would want to know.

I was able to get a major feature story in a daily paper for a senior services organization by tying its work to the trend of baby-boomers taking care of aging parents while still raising children. The agency was experiencing growth in the numbers of people contacting it who were taking care of family members at both ends of the age spectrum.

Getting coverage for a trend means paying attention and following the rule of timeliness. Trends can quickly become old news if you wait too long.