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Volume 4, No.6
December 1, 2008

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Three Steps for Getting Good PR in the New Year

Now is the time to plan your public relations program for 2009. What will you do to communicate with your customers and stakeholders? How will you get publicity? Here are three steps to get your PR program on track in the new year.

Write a Communications Plan

How to write a communications or PR plan is outlined in the November 2005 issue of PR Tip of the Month. A plan is essential. Without one, you don't have control and you may miss PR opportunities. A communications plan should include a calendar, which is also described in a previous PR Tip of the Month issue.

Review Your Website

Is your website still a static, online brochure? Or is it a communications tool providing up-to-date information about your organization? If a journalist were searching your website for interesting information about your company, would he or she find it? Does your website contain management bios, company history, and other background information? Do you post press releases to your web site? Is information easy to find? If your answer to any of these is no, you are not maximizing the advantage a web site can provide.

Brush-up on Your Spokesperson Skills

I have witnessed first hand how an undisciplined spokesperson damages an organization's credibility. The best planned publicity program can become undone by a spokesperson who is unprepared or doesn't stay on message. If you are your company's spokesperson, spend time practicing. Read my lucky interview tips and have a friend or colleague interview you.

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