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Be a Great Guest: Tips for Talk Radio Interviews

Live talk radio provides the opportunity to communicate your message without an editor's filter. No fear of being misquoted. It's all up to you. That also means you need to be well prepared so you are comfortable having a live conversation.

Know Your Material

You can't thumb through notes while you're on the air. Nor can you read talking points. You should sound spontaneous. You must know your subject matter so well that you can answer almost any question. If a caller asks a question you can't answer, admit it. Offer to research the answer later and invite the caller to contact your office for the answer.

Let Your Personality Shine

Radio hosts like guests who can carry the interview through sheer force of personality. They like guests who are likable. Great guests sound enthusiastic, smart and friendly. Being humorous is a big plus.

Use Callers' First Names

When answering a caller's question, begin by using their first name. This shows respect and helps you make a connection. Example: "Susan, please let me correct the record for you. Here are the facts."

Avoid Pure Emotion

Unless you are talking about a tragedy, stay calm. Raw emotion kills the message. Do not let the host, callers or other guests rattle you. Come prepared with strategies to help you maintain your composure.

Emphasize Your Main Points

When you answer a question, use phrases that bring attention to your key points. Examples: "The fact of the matter is..." or, "The point I want to emphasize is...." or, "The important thing to remember is...."