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Volume 5, No. 1
July 6, 2009

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How to Find Your News Angle

Journalists consider the news hook, or the "angle" of a story to determine if it's worth reporting. A compelling angle presented at the right time is what makes a story newsworthy.

To figure out a news angle, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it timely? What may have been news last week, could be old this week.
  2. Is it innovative? A new or fresh approach to meeting a need.
  3. Is it unusual or different? If there are similar products or services, what is unique about yours?
  4. Will it instigate a change that will affect your customers or many people in your community?
  5. Could it impact the public's health and safety?
  6. Could it impact your area's economy? The relocation or expansion of a small business could be big news in some communities.
  7. Is it something that has never been done before, or has never been done before in your community?
  8. If it has been done before, how is it being done differently this time and why?
  9. Does it tie in with a current item in the news?
  10. Does it tie in with a trend?
  11. Does it tie in with a particular season or holiday?
  12. Is it information that previously did not exist? Such as results of a survey or study.
  13. Does it have emotional appeal? Is it a moving, amusing or inspiring story?
  14. Is it information that can help people make an important decision or avoid a serious mistake? e.g., staying connected after a job loss, health warnings.

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