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Hooking Your News To a Season

The school year is ending and graduation season is here. Notice articles in your local newspaper relating to these annual rituals? That's because seasonal events, situations and traditions of our society always generate coverage. They also provide opportunities for publicity.

Summertime Stories

Soon local newspapers and other media will be reporting summer related stories. Summer travel, outdoor safety, tourism, weddings, and special activities for kids, are common topics.

Does your business or organization do anything that relates to a summer or end of the school year activity? If you own a shop, do you notice any trends in graduation gifts or attire? If you work with kids, is there anything special you will do this summer? If you're a health professional, are there summer related health or safety trends to which you can draw attention?

Each Season Provides News Possibilities

Those are just a few examples to help start your brainstorming. If summer has no special significance for you, another season may provide you with the right hook. It's never too early to think about how you could generate news in autumn, winter or spring.