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Volume 3, No. 12
June 2, 2008

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Getting Publicity By Positioning Someone in Your Company As an Expert

Journalists like to quote experts to add perspective to news events or trends. Quoting experts from their communities is often how local news organizations localize national or international stories.

Who Qualifies As an Expert

The company executive is a likely candidate. There may also be other individuals in your organization with particular industry expertise on a topic frequently in the news. For example, university public relations staffers make it their jobs to promote the expertise of their professors. Individuals who have published books and articles are well positioned to promote themselves as experts.

How to Establish the Relationship with the Reporter

Learn which reporters in your local media cover your industry or profession. Read their articles and pay attention for how they use experts. Watch for trends in the media that relate to your expert's knowledge, then pitch your local reporters as soon as you see a story that your expert can illuminate. However, it's important that your expert first be trained in how to handle a media interview. If he or she handles that first interview well, a relationship will be established and the reporter will likely seek your expert's opinion again for other stories.

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