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Volume 5, No. 8
March 1, 2010

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Should Your Business Be on Facebook? Part 2

This is the last in a two-part series to help you decide if your organization should have a Facebook page. Read part one if you missed it.

As its name implies, social media is about relationships and engagement. It's about two-way communication and interaction. When people become Facebook "fans" of your business, they are publicly expressing they like your company and are interested in what it's doing. Nurturing relationships with your fans helps build customer loyalty. It can bring you new customers, as Facebook makes it easy for your fans tell their friends about your page.

Are You Willing to Interact?

Setting up a Facebook page that sits static for months at a time won't be effective. You'll lose momentum in acquiring fans. Your existing fans will forget about your page. Being engaged with fans means providing them reasons to return to your page. A static page can also send a negative message about your organization. You don't want to look like you don't have your act together. For a Facebook page to work for your business or nonprofit, there should be someone in your organization enthusiastic about administering and maintaining it.

What Can You Do for Your Fans?

Before you set-up your Facebook page, you should develop a strategy for what you will do with it. Plan how you will respond after someone becomes a fan. Decide how you will keep in touch with your fans. What will you do to keep them coming back? For example: Can you provide your fans special offers or discounts, or links to beneficial information? How about sponsoring a contest or special event just for your Facebook fans? I also suggest deciding how often you plan to post status updates. Make a commitment to a minimum number a week.

More Information

Fortunately, there's a wealth of information online to learn more about Facebook. I recommend the blog All Facebook. Search through its archives for tips and instructions. I also recommend browsing through the archives of the most popular social media blog Mashable.

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