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Leave Them With a Memorable Message Part One

Imagine you've landed that important newspaper interview or invitation to speak before an influential group. You have lots of information you want to share. But do you know what your messages are? When your speech or interview is over, what do you want the audience to remember most?

The Importance of Specific Messages

Crisp, concise sentences that communicate a point are easier for the listener to grasp, and are more quotable, than long winded explanations. However, too many messages can leave a reporter or listener confused about what your real issue is.

Prepare for your presentation or interview by creating a few key messages and then stick to them. Develop more than one way to state a message, so that you can repeat it without sounding like you are saying the same thing over and over.

Getting Started on Developing Messages

Start with asking yourself the question I posed in the opening paragraph. Write down the two or three (four at the most) points you want the reporter or audience members to understand. For this initial step, don't worry about catchy wording or being concise. Just get the ideas on paper.

Message Dos and Don'ts In the Next Issue

I'll continue the discussion about developing messages in the June issue.