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Volume 4, No. 11
May 4, 2009

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Should You Start a Blog?

I thought about this question for a couple years before finally launching my blog on April 10. Maybe my journey will inspire you.

Finding Something to Say

I'm not exactly known for being free of opinions or lacking a desire to share them, but when it came to blogging, I didn't want to be redundant. There are numerous PR and marketing pros across the World Wide Web offering advice and commentary. A lot of what's being said is similar. What could I add? A blog that will attract readers needs to be relevant.

The Local Angle

For sometime, I've been concerned about the declining state of the news media, particularly the newspaper business. As a former journalist, I learned the technique of finding the local angle to a national or international news story. More recently, I've been a student of social media, learning the PR opportunities these new tools provide.

Then one day, a few weeks ago, it finally hit me. Blog about the state of the media in my region, the area north of San Francisco, and discuss how area businesses, organizations and politicians are adapting to this changing media landscape.

Who Should Do a Blog

In online marketing, content is king. Websites are no longer simply digital brochures. People visit websites and blogs expecting to find relevant, interesting and useful information. If not, they quickly leave and won't come back.

No one will read a blog about your business, because it's a topic that's irrelevant to anyone but you. However, blog about issues or subjects that are relevant to your customers, while still having a connection to your business, and you will attract readers.

Your Voice

Blogs are written in conversational style. They have a voice. They sound like they're written by a human, versus the more detached style of news releases. Blogs often reflect the personality of the writer. Not everyone is comfortable, or capable, of writing this way. That's another consideration when deciding whether you should start a blog.

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