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If It's New, Isn't It Newsworthy?

It's not true that just because a product or service is described as "new" that the news media will be interested. Most new businesses close within a year and most new products quickly fail. Journalists know this. They are skeptical to write about most new products and businesses until there is proof they'll be successful.

Have a Record of Customer Interest Before You Pitch

Unless you are a corporation or long established business with a history of launching successful new products, you won't be newsworthy until you have a sales record showing customers are interested in your product. If sales are strong after six months or a year, you're ready to pitch the news media. Ask a couple of your customers if you can quote them in a news release, or if they would be willing to be interviewed or photographed.

The situation is similar for nonprofit agencies. Your new nonprofit or new program needs to be able to demonstrate it has helped people.

An Example From Sunday's Newspaper

I'm often asked the question this newsletter addresses. I was inspired to write about it now, because of an article I read on the business page yesterday. The article was about a company that last year changed its business model by rebranding its product and targeting a new market. Sales have soared and the company is on track to double sales over the next year. The company is in a period that's prime for a PR campaign. Its brand is still new and has a track record of success.

The Community Newspaper Alternative

If you're located in a town that has a community newspaper -- a paper that's generally published once a week and contains no national or international news -- you may be able to get a press release about your new business or product published in it. These newspapers are interested in what people in their communities are doing, and have different news criteria than the daily media.