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Volume 5, No. 4
November 2, 2009

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Deliver Your Key Messages with These Media Interview Techniques

This PR Tip of the Month is the first of two parts. The November and December issues will each describe an interview technique enabling you, when answering a question, to transition to deliver your key messages and move away from sensitive questions.


Like a bridge over water that takes you from a point on one side to the other, the bridging technique uses a phrase that takes you from one point in the interview to the point you want to make. Instead of just answering a question and stopping, use a bridge to transition your answer to deliver your key messages. A bridge allows you to move away from a question upon which you don't want to focus.


"That's an interesting question, but the fact is…"

"That's a good point, but the key issue is…"

"In addition, we have (or we are)…"

"Not only have we accomplished X, but we have…"

In Next Month's Issue

December's PR Tip of the Month will describe the technique called "flagging."

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