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Creating Media Interest In a Routine Annual Event

Annual events can become part of a community's culture. They help raise the profile of sponsoring organizations. A group can become well known for its special annual event. But this familiarity can also breed disinterest in the local media. They can perceive the event as being the same people doing the same thing year after year, and develop the "we've done that story before" attitude.

Freshen Up the Event

Prevent that possible attitude by adding something new or doing something different the next time you do the event. Examples: change the theme, invite a VIP, hold it in a different location, honor someone special, add humor, do something that would make a compelling photo.

My Recent Experience

A coalition, for whom I help organize and publicize an annual event, was preparing to do the same thing for the sixth year in a row. To add interest, we did something different by selecting a subgroup of the event's participants to pay a special tribute. We had one of its role models speak. That provided a fresh angle for the news media. There was a great article with photos in the next day's paper.