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Volume 5, No. 3
October 5, 2009

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Should Your Business Be on Twitter?

Twitter has been receiving lots of publicity. I'm frequently asked if I think it's a legitimate marketing and communications tool, or just a fad. I don't think Twitter is merely a fad. However, as with choosing any marketing or communications tactic, deciding whether Twitter is right for your business depends on your customers. Who are you trying to reach? Are they on Twitter?

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro blogging platform that limits messages to 140 characters or less. People who receive your Twitter messages, or tweets, have chosen to follow you.

Stats About Who Is Using Twitter

Studies show Twitter usage is growing among every demographic group. The number of Twitter users in 2009 will increase 200%. Current estimates are that 11% - 13% of Internet users now use Twitter.

Initially, Twitter defied the typical social media early adopter model. Most users were between 35 and 54, followed by the 25-34 age group. Now, however, the fastest growth is among people under 25. 66% of all Twitter users are between 15 and 24. 15% are between 25 and 29. People over 55 make up only 1% of Twitter users. 53% of Twitter users are women.

Deciding If Twitter Makes Sense for You

Stats alone shouldn't be your determining factor about Twitter. For Twitter to work for you, you must invest time learning how to use it. From a technical standpoint, Twitter is very easy to use. The challenge is deciding what to tweet. Signing up for a Twitter account, and then rarely using it, won't get you anywhere.

Online Resources About Twitter

For more information, I recommend the "Newbie's Guide to Twitter," "17 Ways You Can Use Twitter," or watch this YouTube video.

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