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Do Newspaper Layoffs Impact Public Relations?

It's tough to work in the newspaper business these days. Papers across the U.S. are cutting newsroom staff as they deal with declining revenues caused by the loss of classified advertising to the Internet. The San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News and Santa Rosa Press Democrat, among other Bay Area papers, made headlines the past few months for their cut backs. According to, which monitors Bay Area media and is based at San Jose State University's School of Journalism and Mass Communications, there's no end in sight for newspaper layoffs. tracks U.S. media industry layoffs and has recorded 72,000 media job cuts since June 2000.

The Challenges and Opportunities for Public Relations

The print versions of daily newspapers are likely to become smaller. With fewer reporters to cover the news, the scope and variety of what is reported is likely to become narrower. However, potential opportunities exist with newspapers' online editions. More newspapers are experimenting with providing content online that is not found on their printed pages.

Public relations opportunities will also exist for those who can make a reporter's job easier. Quickly getting answers to questions, providing interesting and accurate data, and making sure the appropriate people are available to interview when needed, will help foster good relationships with time strapped journalists.

Basic Principles of Newsworthiness Still Apply

If your goal is an article about your company in the printed newspaper, the basic standards of what is news still apply: timeliness, has impact or is of consequence, is entertaining, has emotional appeal, or is a trend. For more information, read tips on the Cuclis PR web site on How to Be Newsworthy.