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Volume 5, No. 2
September 8, 2009

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How to Sound Your Best For a Phone Interview

Most media interviews are done on the phone. Unless you're being interviewed for television, staff reductions in newsrooms mean reporters don't have the time to visit you. This includes radio reporters, who record phone interviews and then select short clips -- sound bites -- to air in their stories.

Stand Up

The secret to sounding your best when answering questions on the phone is to stand up. It gives you more energy and makes your voice sound brighter. When you stand you also avoid slouching or leaning, which can dull the tone of your voice.

Don't Read Your Talking Points

To be credible, you must sound like you're talking. It's difficult to read anything over the phone and not sound like you're reading. Have your talking points and press release handy for reference, but don't read from them to answer questions. Make sure you know your material before you give interviews.

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