About Gina

GinaIn 2012 Gina was elected with 61.4% of the vote over the incumbent as Sonoma County Board of Education Area One Trustee representing Sonoma Valley, where she has lived for 30 years, and east Santa Rosa. Gina's colleagues unanimously chose her to serve as Board President this year.

Gina is also Chair of the Sonoma County Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Advisory Board and serves on the board of the Sonoma League for Historic Preservation. She’s also on the General Vallejo Monument Committee, a position she took to help educate Sonoma’s children about their town’s history. For nine years she served as a City of Sonoma Planning Commissioner. She also has volunteered multiple years as a reading tutor at El Verano Elementary School.

Gina’s 23-year-old twin daughters went through Sonoma Valley public schools graduating from Sonoma Valley High in 2011. During her daughters’ school years not only did Gina do the usual parent volunteer activities — field trip driving, classroom helper, grad night organizing, fundraising support — she helped campaign for several school bond measures, the first before her daughters were born.

Gina learned early in life her commitment to hard work and community service from her first generation Greek-American parents. Her father founded a small manufacturing company and put Gina to work during summer vacations when she was just 13-years-old. Her mother became a leader in the local League of Women's Voters.

While a student at U.C. Santa Barbara, Gina got involved with the effort to save the Stanislaus River from a dam. Upon graduation, she took a job with Friends of the River. Though the dam was filled, the experience was not a loss. Not only did the work teach her to fight for what she believes in, Gina met and married Roy Tennant, a Stanislaus river guide.

In 1992 Gina co-founded the first community advocacy group in the Springs long history -- the Verano-Springs Association. For years as President of the VSA, Gina worked closely with county and state officials to finally secure funding and construction of the sidewalks along Highway 12 that now protect our pedestrians and provide safer travel for children walking to nearby schools.

During much of the last decade Gina worked to save Sonoma Valley Hospital. Three ballot measures later, our hospital expanded on-site instead of closing. Gina also successfully fought repeated attempts to close our SV Hospital Birthing Center. Because of her leadership, Gina was recruited by the SV Hospital board to serve on its strategic planning committee from 2006-2009.

Through her longtime efforts Gina has built strong relationships with key leaders from throughout the county and Sonoma Valley and from different business, governmental and geographic sectors of the North Bay. Gina leverages her relationships to bring diverse people together to work towards common goals with uncommon trust and effectiveness. She believes that any community issue can best be resolved through productive dialog, public transparency, and genuine consensus building.

Professionally, Gina owned and operated an award-winning public relations and corporate communications firm that represented North Bay clients in business, education, the environment, health care, non-profits and the arts. Gina has also held staff communications positions at United Way and the Council on Aging. She is a former television and radio journalist, and since 2013 has been writing a monthly column for the Sonoma Valley Sun newspaper.