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New Year: Great Time To Create a PR Calendar

Happy New Year

Have you thought about how to get publicity for your business or group this year? Here's a simple step to get started.

Fill Out a Monthly Calendar

Create 12 columns or boxes, one for each month, on a couple pieces of paper. Now think about what will be happening in your business each month. Will you be expanding your product line or services? Hiring more employees? Relocating? Holding a special event? Celebrating a noteworthy anniversary? Sponsoring a charitable activity? Hosting a VIP? Completing a survey? Any of these, plus many other activities, could be newsworthy. Write them on the calendar. Then think about when would be the appropriate time to issue a news release, or pitch a reporter or editor, about each. Write on the calendar when you will send each news release. For example, a news release for a special event will need to be sent out a few weeks in advance. But it's unwise to issue a news release about a new manager until after the employee has passed the probationary period.

Don't Miss an Opportunity

Many businesses never receive publicity in their local newspapers, because they don't consider how their business could be newsworthy. Getting publicity takes forethought. Plan now so you receive the media attention you deserve this year.

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