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How to Write a Communications or PR Plan

In the August issue, I discussed the need for a communications plan. In this issue, I outline the elements of a plan. This concept can be applied to an entire organization, or just to a specific product, service, event or program.

Start with Defining Your Objectives

Do you want to attract more business? Raise money or other support? Influence political decision makers? List what you want to achieve through improved communications and public relations.

Develop A Strategy

This is the section that usually takes the most thought and creativity. Lack of a strategy is what leads to inconsistent messages and identity, as discussed in the August issue. The strategy section is where you describe how you will position your organization or product. Strategy also involves writing the messages you will consistently use, describing how your logo will look and how it's to be used, and possibly writing a slogan or branding tagline.

Identify Tactics

List and describe what methods you will use to communicate with your target audience. Direct mail? Events? News releases and other media relations activities? Speaking engagements? Other tactics?

Implementation Measures

In this section you state what will be done when and by whom. For easy organization and viewing, I like to use a calendar format.


Identify tools you will use to measure your progress. Some activities, such as events, are easily measured. Attendance is the tool. Other objectives require more thought to measure. For example, how will you know if more people in the community are aware of your nonprofit agency? Measurement tools could include an increase in the number of people calling the agency, or an increase in the number of media calls seeking the executive director's expert opinion.


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