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What to Do When a Major Story Dominates the News

I had originally planned for this issue to continue with the topic of communications planning. However, the hurricanes in the Gulf Coast last month provide a timely opportunity to discuss an important media relations issue. What to do when a major or breaking story dominates the news coverage?

Iraq War Experience

On the evening of November 6, 2002 I was driving to give a guest lecture on PR to a fund development class, when I heard President Bush on the radio say we were going to war with Iraq. I told the class to postpone implementing any ideas they may glean from my lecture, because the news media's attention would be consumed with the Iraq War for awhile. The teacher of the class called a few days later acknowledging the accuracy of my prediction.

Postpone Your News

When a major event or natural disaster breaks, postpone your plans to issue a news release, hold a news conference, or pitch a reporter or editor. When journalists are consumed with a major story, they're not interested in information that doesn't relate to that story. Your news releases and pitches will be ignored. It's unlikely a reporter or editor will save your information for later.

When To Proceed

Pay attention to a variety of media sources for several days following the breaking story. When you notice less space is being devoted to the major story, and that other news is getting covered, the timing should be right to release your news.

Announcement from Cuclis Communications

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